Why I Love To Write?

Writing SkillsDo you know the feeling of doing something yet it won’t be done?

Yes, long time ago something was holding me and I am not sure what it was?

It took me more than a decade to realize that it was luck of time (it’s just what I thought) is holding me.

But I really love to write!

There are  many questions that bother me if I have to pursue my passion in writing. Words just keep on coming in my head yet my hand is unwilling to cooperate.

Again I love to write!

I believe you also experienced the feeling that I have now. Right?

What did you do to overcome those blocks?

Writing blocks are common to any writers and they do have their ways on how to handle it. I too have a writer’s block.

Here are some of my writer’s blocks.

What are my writer’s blocks?

At first I had a hard time in searching for the answer. Thanks to the internet that I came to realize that I have a lots of problems to solve.

#1 No Time To Write

Did you feel the same thing? Yes, I really feel that I don’t have spare time to write, but I am eager to do it. I just feel that  I need a fire to start, but how?

Then it goes like this…

I run down all my daily activities and analyze my problem.

Do you know what I found?

The answers.

  • I am so busy doing things that I don’t  really like.
  • Wasting so much time on social media.
  • Spending long period of time thinking about nothing.
  • Don’t have a daily plan.

After analyzing those wrongdoings, I made up my daily planned activities because I realized that it was my major problem.

Then problem solved. Yes, I did planned my writing activities of the day.

#2 Family and Friends

Yes, this was the hardest block that I have experience. Why? Because I love my family and I cannot resist them. Then, I tend to give way to my passion.

But, I found better solution for that. Especially my wife, I talk to her and ask her for me to have time to write. She understood my reason and we both give way to our passion. Before, I don’t talk to my wife about writing.

It is better to share your thoughts to your wife or love ones.

Who knows you have the same passion?

And yes we have the same passion!

Some history of my life.

A Little Background About My Father

My father was a Police Officer and a BS English degree holder. I wonder why he is good at sentence construction.

During his early age he was an honor student  and has been a leader.

I remembered, my father helped us, his children, making  projects especially on English literature. He even taught us on how to make a good sentence and we were glad that he did it.

By his example and teaching, I idolize my father and I love the way his literature mold me. Then I realized that I possessed his writing skills.

 And then it begun…

I love to write because my father inspires me. He made me think I am smart and I believe I am.

I know you have your own trigger point why you love to write. For me my trigger point was when my father showed me his skills and it amazed me.

What drives me to write?

A lot of people don’t like writing because it is a time-consuming. But us, writers we like the way time eats us.

The following are my turning point why I love to write:

1. My Father

It is obvious that it was my father whom drove me to write. Because of his personality and writing quality, I made a decision that I will follow my father on how  he writes even though he was not a professional writer.

2. I Enjoy Writing

I just enjoy writing since I started to write many years ago. I feel as if I am floating in the air. I feel contented and satisfied in my life. It makes my day complete and I just Love it!

When I am lonely, I just took a pen and started to write anything. I just let my emotion and my mind dance together by the time I started writing. Everything is just like a vacuum. Words started to flow then form into sentences.

I enjoy it!

3. My Family

When I got married and have two wonderful children, My works became more meaningful. They added color into my life. They inspires me everyday and help boost my mind to create wonderful ideas. By just looking into my children while they were asleep, it energizes me and makes me to start writing.

Family is a great inspiration and it always be.

4. Helping Other People

I am a generous by nature and I know it. I always love to help people at any occasion. I always love to share what I have because it makes me happy. When I see them rejoicing for what I did, I feel satisfied and wanting to help more.

The same thing in writing.

It is addicting to help people especially through writing. Extending help by sharing knowledge is one of the most precious gift that God ever gave us.

I am always learning new things each day to help more people who are thirsty for new knowledge.

And that’s all…

Can you also tell me your story why do you love to write?

If you have not yet started writing something. Then, you must try some of my Turning point and I know it will work for you.

Its only a matter of taking the first step.

Start the first word….





4 thoughts on “Why I Love To Write?”

  1. thank you for the follow. You have a lovely family, and am glad to meet a fellow blogger who is also working to make time to follow his passion. Wonderful to have come across your blog.


  2. Hello – Thanks very much for following my blog! It’s wonderful to “meet” a fellow writer who has a passion for writing. I really like your story about why you love to write and how you’ve managed to plan to find writing time. I am always intrigued when someone with a science or engineering background confesses that they love literature and writing. Keep on writing!


  3. Fel, I also love to write to help people. Hence my latest blog post. Everyone has a pain point. When we can offer help for them to heal and move forward we’ve blessed someone in need.


  4. Hi Fel. Many thanks for the like on my haiku. Your question here is one I’ve asked of other bloggers more than once, even in a post fairly recently. We certainly seem to have a similar motivation to write and tackle almost any subject as the mood takes us. Good luck.

    Liked by 1 person

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