My MemorableTaiwan Adventure (#004)

Hshinchu, Taiwan
Hshinchu, Taiwan With My Lovely Wife

I was so excited!

It was 2002.

I packed all my things and I was ready to go. Mixed emotion visited my feeling. I was  leaving to work in Taiwan for  3 years contract and for some closed family culture, like us, it was painfully sad.

I know I will be gone for 3 years and it means, no more riding on a Jeepney, no more eating balot (Boiled 18 days old chick) and no more street dancing during Sinulog Festival. huh!..Those were the things that I will be missing.

Then I continued packing..

My parents were ready to accompany me to the airport. They were just waiting for me to go down.

I did not let my girlfriend Joan ( Now my wife ) to accompany me going to the airport cause I hate seeing her crying.

Me and my parents arrived in the airport and we talked for a few minutes then parted both ways.

I have a weird feeling while walking the aisle inside the plane. I wanted to go back but something was holding me ……and that was the curiosity when I got there.

It was usual for me to be separated from my parents because I went to a stay in high school for 4 years. During my high school years we only have 15 days vacation period every year. But it was 20 miles away from home compared to 1,200 miles.

Then It was Taiwan.

I had a very safe flight and

The place is so beautiful as I am expected.

A lot of Taiwanese people! (just kidding).. ha-ha…of course!

At Taipei airport, a guy approached us and led us to his Van. They brought us to a medical center for the final check up. It is required for any foreigner to undergone medical check up before finally enter Taiwan.

We were 8 in our batch during the airport pick up until it went down to 2 of us.

It was a very long journey because we were the last pair to be brought to our company. We traveled a lot of places before to our final destination. Though it was late in the evening we don’t feel tired because of the new places we saw. We enjoyed it a lot.

Finally we arrived in our “dormitory”. All foreign worker will be house in a dormitory. We were very exhausted and sleepy. Yet, we managed to roam our new home fro 3 years. We brought into a room and we were 4 in the room. The rest of our 2 roommates were sleeping.

We unpacked our baggage then  started putting them inside the closet.

Few hours later, I feel homesick and started feeling sad. I already missed my family and my girlfriend(My wife).

I laid down to sleep but could not even close my eyes. Tears slowly falling down and started reminiscing sweet memories that left at home.

And my Taiwan adventure begun.

The moment that I left home was really a memorable one. The first time stepping on a foreign country was more excitement.

Those memories were golden to remember and I am excited to tell those to my children.

I will be posting more about my Taiwan adventure next week.

What is your Memorable story? Tell us though comment bellow.


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