How Often Do You Use Your Heart And Mind In Your Decision Making?

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.”

                                                                            ~Helen Keller~
joan at heart
Mind And Heart
Do you listen to your heart once it speaks? 

You might be thinking that I am so emotional, though I am a guy. I used to listen to my heart once it needed me.

Sometimes it cries, sometimes it is mad, but most of the time it is in love.

It is a kind of tricky because I am a thinker. I used my mind thinking all day, or perhaps it is because of my job.

Once my heart speaks, I pay attention and I gave full focus on it. It is very important to value the tick and beat of your heart because it balances the decision in your daily life.

Sometimes, we may be wondering why we made wrong decisions in our lives. Sometimes, we blame others for it. Sometimes, we hurt someone. And sometimes, it is our loved ones that carries the weight we created.

And we hated it to happen. But, it’s too late.

Then we feel guilty right after. We came to realized that we ignore the soft talk that our heart did. It interrupts undoubtedly if we feel mad, envy, sad, and lonely. We tend to rebuff it and follow our mind instead. Thinking that we did the right decision.

But we did not.

Yesterday during our office meeting, my boss was discussing about mind and heart. He said, both must work together to have a good decision making. I certainly agree to what he said.

I did used my mind a lot, but from time to time I checked my heart’s feeling and consulted it before doing something.

In my small businesses and other activities, my heart and my mind are my partners. We do have a good time together and I know we are going to have more successful decision making in the future.

Whether you are a businessman or an employee or whatever, it is best to use both of your heart and mind in decision making.

We often heard a story that a certain smart man or a woman married the wrong spouse and live a life of misery. And in the later part they were both unhappy and..blah..blah…blah… I don’t want to add more to that story.

My point, perhaps, they did not think twice nor used both of their heart and mind before making a decision.

If you have more to add to this post, feel free to comment below and let us hear your voice.


8 thoughts on “How Often Do You Use Your Heart And Mind In Your Decision Making?”

  1. Very honest and true! I have a friend who always says “Use your mind, not you heart”, but I believe both need to work together to balance out the decision making process. Where’s the like button on this thing?!


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