Super Typhoon “Hagupit” Is Stronger Than Typhoon “Haiyan”, Visayas Philippines Is Going To Face It’s Fierce This Sunday Morning

I hate to cover this post but I just wanted to show every one of how we suffered after the super typhoon Haiyan and how we are doing now.

Way back a year ago, November 8, 2013, typhoon “Haiyan” devastated most of the Visayas areas in the Philippines. Guiuan in Eastern Samar was the first landfall of the super typhoon then continued making damages in Tacloban areas. Most of the Tacloban City houses were totally damaged. Forced thousands of families to shelter at the evacuation center or known as the “tent city”.

Photo Courtesy to the Uploader.( I don't Own This Photo)
Photo Courtesy to the Uploader.( I don’t Own This Photo)

Last year super typhoon fatalities were more than 6,200 deaths, 28,000 injuries and more  than 1000 missing.

Photo Courtesy to The Uploader( I don't own this photo).
Photo Courtesy to The Uploader( I don’t own this photo).

Most of the affected families are still in shock and still fresh in their memories of how Haiyan ruined their families.

I will not go further about Haiyan anymore. Please google it for some cover stories.

Last week, Typhoon Queenie visited us and took 5 Filipino lives and leaving families in deep sadness.

After a very tragic year, another super typhoon is coming in the Philippines. It has a current speed of 280kph-335kph while moving a speed of 20kph. The storm is still in the pacific ocean and it is slower compare to the last weather  forecast. The slowing down of the typhoon is a bad sign because it will develop more strength creating much power before it will landfall.

The weather expert said that the super typhoon “Hagupit” will might be stronger than  Haiyan.

Currently, we are preparing for the worse to happen and hoping that less or no casualties.

Typhoon Ruby
Courtesy of the Weather Network. (I don’t own this photo)

As we can see in the picture, Typhoon Hagupit will landfall on the 7th of december at around 2am.

The diameter of the typhoon is much wider compare to the previos typhoons and it is 990km radius.

Guys, please us pray that the said typhoon will not create a devastating result.

I will be posting update on the comment area..

Thank you and More power!,,


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  1. Thanks for following me. I just read this post and I will pray for all. Sad that you just start putting the peices of your life back together and it is going to happen all over again. I hope that is not as bad as they say it will be. again prayers.

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