What Is Good About Writing?

Good About WritingDo you find writing as an interesting expression of oneself?

How do you define your writing adventure?

A lot of questions still popping out in my head but these two questions bothers me a lot.

And that was many years ago….

Today, I am so happy that I made my move …the call to action…

I’ve been telling people in my previous post that I was afraid to write because of so many reasons…

Finally, I am up and ready to show  my works to  the world .

Even before, I find writing as an interesting source of anything, like expressing happy thoughts, sadness, a room for inspiration and a lot more.

That makes writing so interesting.

It is an advantage to people who are scared, or have an awkward feeling of telling others about their ups and downs.

And I call writing is a “Virtual Best Friend.

Just like a real person, a best friend who is the one whom you can talk to and can be trusted about your secrets.

The same thing in writing, you can tell freely and tell something just about anything. It will listen to you and agrees to whatever your decision is.

I’ve been to many places and writing was with me. Now, I am more excited to go to other places because I have a buddy which I can tell my latest adventure.

I always have a valuable time and I can write a lot now compared to my previous years.

The more I am excited, the more I am inspired to write. Writing is now the air that I breathe.

Writing helped me develop my positive thinking. It widens my thoughts in creating ideas of a certain topic.

The more I write, the more I like to read other blog posts and books.

Through writing, I learned to appreciate more of the Mother nature.

That were the good things that writing has brought me.

What is your story?

We love to hear your thoughts.

43 thoughts on “What Is Good About Writing?”

  1. Something I’ve learned in a composition studies class I’m taking this semester (and something that I’ve really taken to heart) is that writing is a process, not a product. In writing, we are physically able to see our thought processes evolve (though this is a little more difficult in the digital age when we can easily delete our old thoughts to make way for the new). That being said, writing still allows us the time to sit with our thoughts and understand them in a way that speaking cannot.

    I love writing because, in the process, I am able to come to new and exciting conclusions about myself and the world around me. This is why I write and why I believe writing is so valuable.

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  2. The writing has given me an exposure. It has helped me in broadening my vision about the world. Today, I can feel an urge and desire to read more and more.

    I love to write because it provides me with an excellent opportunity to improve my written skills.

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  3. Britta is so right: writing is a process, and it’s one that I enjoy. I have written about my experience writing my blog, which is so different from what i do for work, for a guest post – you’ll find the link to it in this post (http://fionasfavourites.com/2014/08/19/a-virtual-cheers-to-you-all/). What I’m doing on my blog has also changed, and I’ve also written about that (http://fionasfavourites.com/2014/11/17/a-different-lens/). Perhaps these musings will be of interest.

    Keep on writing: it’s only by writing and thinking consciously about what we write about and how we write that we get better at it.

    Good luck!

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      1. You’re welcome. You know, you don’t have to write every day. Writer’s block is real and when that happens it’s best to leave it alone and come back to it when you’re fresh. Part of writing is also reflecting – and you don’t have to do that with a pen in your hand, or at the computer. It happens when you’re doing other things – in the bath, spending time with the family, going to and from work. Be kind to yourself as you write: that way you will keep the joy of it and it does not become a burden. There is a saying in English that one can have too much of a good thing. Wise words. I, too, need to remember them!

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  4. Yeah, you are write. Sometimes I push myself writing everyday. But I know it is hard, But I have to do it just to get my rhythm because its been so long since I wrote my first article. I need to practice everyday. However, I set aside the post that inspires me and archive it. Writing everyday is only an exercise of my brain. Thanks Fiona for your insight. I will be reading most of your posts, I know I can learn a lot from you.


  5. For me, writing is fun, and sometimes it is cathartic. Sometimes (especially through my mirror blog), writing allows me to say stuff that I wouldn’t dare say to another person face to face.

    PS: I love your term “Virtual Best Friend.” Sort of like the invisible friends many of us had as children, but the VBF can actually be seen and appreciated by others. Very cool.

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  6. Writing makes things clearer for me, especially things I’ve never understood about myself. It has a way of slowing me down, inviting me to get interested in myself. When I grew up, not many people seemed interested in hearing from me. It also seems that the more I reflect on myself, the easier it is to connect with other people. Each of us has interesting twists and turns in our lives. Writing helps me see and begin to understand how what happened to me is also happening to others–for good and for ill.
    Great topic! Thanks.

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    1. You are right Elouise, a lot of people got their fear because most of their friends and relatives don’t listen to them. Good thing about writing on a blog platform is that a lot of people will listen to you and the will sympathize of your thoughts being delivered. Another thing, it will helped them develop their confidence and lead them to create more writings.


  7. One thing I have always liked about writing is that it is a form (for me) to escape, if I am writing my own stories (which I don’t do as often as I would like) or if I am writing in my own private diary, it’s a means for me to make sense of my life experiences and try and speak to it as though it is telling me something to help. Sometimes writing it all out does help a lot actually. Even if no one ever responds, sees or hears my words. I know the paper/note pad has.

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    1. That is why I call writing a “Virtual Best Friend”. It will listen to you whenever you are down and whenever you need someone to talk to, if nobody will listen to you. It is ready to lend their time and attention.

      Sometimes writing will help heal a broken hearted and breaks lonesomeness into a happy mood.
      That‘s one of the good things that writing brought us.

      Thank you for your thought Skiffy.


  8. For me writing is often an outlet for all things. I have a barely contained urge to write. I often find that to calm my mind I need to write. Admittedly 95% of my writings will never see the light of day I still write. Just my opinion of course.

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  9. Writing is more than just words. It’s a way of life, and for me I have found writing to be very medicinal in many ways. Not only as a form of expression, but to also bring ideas and thoughts to life. I agree with you tenfold, especially seeing writing as a best friend. It’s the friend that will be there for you at all times, through the thick and thin, through the best and the worst of times. Definitely appreciate this post and the perspective of others who commented on it as well. Great post indeed.

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  10. I guess this is a topic on every writers mind. Thanks for liking my post on a similar topic.

    I guess I write to get the stories out of my head. It’s one thing to spend time daydreaming about being such a character in such a world experiencing these varying emotions and experiences, but another to fully delve into that world and flesh that world, those characters and those experiences fully.

    Even better if you get paid to share your love with others!

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  11. I am so happy that I found your blog, your post here reminds me of so many of the reasons I also like to write and I also feel my life has become more joyful since I started blogging , I have read your about page where you mention the emptiness that was there before you took up your writing again , I am so happy for you that you have recognised your passion for writing and wish you much success . I look forward to following your blog here and would like to say the family photo you have shared is beautiful. I am so glad that the typhoon did not do as much damage as you were expecting and pray that those who have been damaged by it will soon feel the healing light of God in their lives. Kind Regards from a new follower in the West of Ireland, Kathy.

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  12. Loved just reading all these thoughts as to why people write, for me it allows me to express my self and surprise myself I really didn’t know the way my mind would take me and my novel has surprised the people who have read my first draughts and me…. surprised that my mind takes me to other realms so it’s not Mills & Boon for me but drama and other dimensions..I was called whimsical which I disputed but when I googled it yep it’s me! My blog is a way… I think that helps my other writing and allows me also to see others and wow have I had some surprises and am amazed at some I read… so thought provoking…..well done guys.


  13. For me writing is good for helping people. Some of my friends who struggle with Mental Illness I write them stories when they aren’t feeling well. It makes them feel better. Kathleen, Jenny, Cassandra and many others have times were they are struggling and the writing can uplift them and make them feel better. I also write for my friend Rita Bottoni I’ve known for 17 years she is a real nice person and has been very kind to people. Knowing this I think she deserves to get something in return for being good to people. I reward her by writing tons of stories for her and I will continue to do so for the rest of my life. Writing is also good for me in helping me feel better and as a coping resource as I struggle with mental illness suffering from Bipolar Disorder. Writing is a gift and I love using it to make people feel better. Writing is good because it makes me happy.


  14. Hi,

    Writing is my go to medicine. No matter what is going on I seem to be able to channel when I write. It soothes my soul. In writing I haveade my peace, found my peace and remain at peace.

    Though I am published and happy about it getting published isn’t the only reason I write.

    I wrote share, I write to resolve things, I write to get rid of baggage, I write to create worlds and people and places. I write because I love to.

    I really like what you wrote here and am eststic to know that others write for many of the same reasons that I do.


  15. Writing…..it has opened up a brand new world !

    My thoughts flow freely through my pen and whatever mood I am in it lightens me .

    It has introduced me to a worlds and words I didn’t know existed..both my own and others…
    I continue to be amazed each day and I like what you write.

    Knowing and discovering that there are others out there like me is such a revelation.
    I am in awe at some of the writing I read and maybe one day I will be able to express my self in the same way.

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  16. Writing is a love I found late in life and is now my best friend – never judgmental and always there to keep me company and remind me to love myself.

    Thank you for following my blog. Like you, I write across a variety of subjects – whatever is on my mind at the time.


  17. Writing down some of the things going on in my head gives me the chance to sort them, to think them over twice, to structure them. Also when they are written down they no longer buzz around up here in my head. 🙂 And I have also always loved stories… reading them, listening to them, thinking them up myself. I love the way they develop in my head, like watching a movie.
    Good luck with your writing! I wish you all the best! (And a Happy New Year!)


  18. You have given some great reasons for writing, and I’m sure that many writers will share your views on most of them. I write because it is a way of expressing myself, my feelings and ideas. I become totally engrossed in my characters’ world, their lives and their thoughts. To bring them to life, and have them interact with each other in a plot of my making are the things that lifts me the most.


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