A Sad New Year For My Fellow Engineer ; His Family Need Help!

Michael's Angels
Michael’s Angels

Sorry you guys for interrupting for a moment from your joyous new year celebration.

I was so shocked when our company relay a text message just recently,  informing that our fellow engineer lost his house because of a fire incident.

This is a very special post of mine because the affected was my direct office mate. I hope you guys will understand.

My Company’s Text Message:

Michael Huyo’s family was evacuated since December 31, 2014, since his house was included in the fire incident in labangon. Mike’s family immediate needs clothes for his 14, 10, 9, 5 and 1 year old children. All of his children were girls. They also need banig(sleeping mat), rice and canned goods. You may give in cash or in kind.

Local News Link :

Fire hits Labangon, Cebu City

I’ve helped a lot of people during calamities but, this one hit my heart so bad. I knew this friend of mind had a very rough financial situation and, here comes the nightmare of his life.

I can not imagine how his children sleep in the evacuation area. How difficult his life now. How his wife feeling now. I know he carry all the pressure now since he was the provider of  his family.

My heart really melted at the moment and perhaps I could not sleep thinking of his situation.

My wife is now packing some clothes, foods and some cash for them. We will be heading tomorrow morning to their evacuation center.

A prayer and words of encouragement will help him face the challenges in his life.

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4 thoughts on “A Sad New Year For My Fellow Engineer ; His Family Need Help!”

  1. I have donated $20, My name is Jen Burton. I know it isn’t much, I wish I had more to give and I wasn’t so far away so I could give some of my own daughters clothes and toys to try and help this family somehow rebuild their lives.

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