Writing Goals For 2015

Let Us Face The Challenge
Let Us Face The Challenge, 2015

2014 was an amazing year for me to start writing. I’ve been struggling for years on how to start my writing passion not until I came to realized that I have to do it now(few months ago).

It is now 2015 and I have to do it more often. I have to exert extra miles to create a remarkable writing results.

Christmas holiday passed, I realized that I was doing my writing projects amazingly and it was never been done before.

A lot of people inspired me aside from my love ones. You, my fellow writers helped me unleashed the writer in me and revealed that I can write more than I could imagine.

I have to take it seriously now. I have to do the extraordinary thing. And I have to do it now, this year!

I already passed my 2000 words challenge for a single article. Before, I can not make more than 2000 words in a single sitting but now, it is not a problem anymore.

A lot of ideas is popping up in my head every now and then and I have to convert it into a master piece. It is hard but it is possible.

The following are the few things that I have to accomplish this year, 2015.

1. Create a 3000 words article or more in a single sitting.
It is really a big challenge for me and most especially English is not my native language but I believe I can do it. Yes I will do it!

2. Create an additional 300 quality articles.
Their were plenty of times that I am not inspired to write. This year, I have to make those unproductive time into a stunning writing outcome.

3. Read 30 articles of different blogs a day.
I read a lot of articles of a different blogs a day but, I was not able to read as much as 30 articles in a day.

4. Read 2 novels in a week.
This one is huge and it need a lot of effort. I can finish a single novel for two weeks, it is not because I don’t love to read it but it is because the nature of my job, as an engineer. I spent so much time in my job. Then, I have to make things differently now. I know their is a way for it.

This year, I have to adjust and make my goal happen.

Despite of the hectic schedule that I have, things will be different now. Because I am now more serious in my writing adventure, a lot of other things will be set aside and make way for my writing goals.

I am excited! I am ready to face my challenge!

What are your writing goals? Do you have any?

Share with us and let us join hand in hand in fulfilling those challenges.

Let me hear yours now.

50 thoughts on “Writing Goals For 2015”

  1. It’s great that you have got some big goals and you are quite enthusiastic about fulfilling them.
    I guess you can also add some stories from Philippines.
    I would love to read some stories that would depict the “daily life in Philippine”.
    In this way reader would have an opportunity to view your country from your eyes:)

    Best of Luck with your future endeavors!

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  2. Thank you for following my blog and congratulations on your beautiful family. I can understand children being your inspiration! God bless you as you write about what is in your heart. I look forward to future messages.

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  3. Just to write. I find that, the more I write, the more wants to be written. That will take a lot. I have a book set to be published this year and because last year was trying at best, it has been pushed from March to an unknown date later in the year. Wish me luck!

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  4. Keep writing! Do think about that “2 novels a week” goal, though. A good novel can take two or three weeks (at least!) to finish, especially when you’ve got a busy life and you’re writing a lot. And as a writer, you’ll probably want to pay attention to how the novelist does what he or she does. You’ll miss a lot if you speed through it to make your goal of 2 novels a week.

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  5. Actually yes, I have some, albeit minor ones. Of course there’s the basics (improve my writing, stuff like that… but also I’ve been quite a slacker in the blogging department recently. I plan to significantly change that with the upcoming year.

    You have great goals, though I could see a flaw or two: 30 posts per day? Unless you’re a really fast reader, something I’m most definitely not (most of my reading is done through audio output), that seems like an impossible task, or perhaps just a daunting and tedious one. Throw in the two novels per week? I usually go days without popping my head in for a look at the reader, and am still unable to finish two novels per week, no matter how good they are. There are, of course, exceptions to that–if the novel is short, or if it’s a pageturner and I’ve got nothing else to do, I can usually accomplish that.
    Also with the 3000 words thing. that’s not a flaw really, in fact you have my best wishes. It’s not something I do in my writing–usually, my posts are 4 to 700 words long. But hey, you’re learning english, wanting to write, you go for it.

    I wish you all the best for 2015.
    Steve, the Severest Storm of them all.


    1. Yes Steve, my goals were intended for me to work so hard. Actually I am doing good right now with my 30 articles reading per day. Reading Novel is another big challenge for me. May for my first two month I wont make it. But I believed on my second pair of month it will be done.

      I wish all the best for you too.


  6. Couples Chronicle,
    I am happy you liked my post today “Writers Writing and Their Online Parade.” Thanks for letting me know. Where did you find me and my website? I’m glad you did. I relate to your life story and journey with writing. It is something so important to many people, including me. I write a blog every week in addition to a book I am writing. I’m including you in my Following list and look forward to reading more about you and your family half way around the planet from me. – Mike Andberg


  7. Here are my writing goals for 2015: I will post a blog entry every Tuesday; I will read and comment on one blog every weekday (starting today!); I will complete and publish a project in process by June; and I will complete a new project by December 2015. Whew! That’s my year.


  8. Your goals are ambitious for even a native English speaker with writing experience. May I suggest you review your goals every three months for sanity? Writing is a hard game. We all run into brick walls, slip on the ice, and fall on our faces. All of us! Remember: when you feel the worst about your writing, you are probably learning something new, and that is a good thing.

    Good luck!


    1. Thank you John for you honest opinion. I’ll take your advice in reviewing my goals after 3 months. But first I will try to break the walls as hard as I could.

      Currently, I’m bleeding as I hit my 1st week. ๐Ÿ™‚



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