Long Break With My Family

My Lovely Family
My Lovely Family

I know I am strong and I can feel it!

After a month of so much struggles, my family survived! And I knew it.

“Health is wealth” as the quote says.

I’ve sacrificed my passion for a while and faced the real battle in this unpredicted world.

Writing is and was my passion yet family comes first in times of whatever.

Now the battle has ended and I won!

Life is full of surprises and I was surprised! hehe..

…I was not able to update my blog for a month for a very important reason. Now I am back to my writing.

Idea Shift..

I have a lot to share and I am really excited.

As I was out for a month, I came to realized that we, writers have a very huge role to play in our world today. Not just writing for the sake of money but for the sake of helping others too.

Helping in the sense that giving free information to those who are naΓ―ve to some ideas and know how.

We, writers are the alarm clock of our society who are in deep slumber that need to be awaken.

To be Continued….

“Let us spread LOVE and let us start it with our family” Amen…

Miss you guys!

I am Back!



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