The Couple
The Couple


Welcome to the Couple’s Chronicle blog.

Thank you for visiting my blog I really appreciated it.

Couple’s Chronicle was born as a wake up call for my passion. A passion to write. I will be tackling personal insights, inspirational and motivational thought, writing, blogging, climate, travels, history, technology, politics, news, movies, anything as long as my mind can bear.

I don’t have a specific topic to focus on because my mind is so restless and it won’t stop from exploding ideas every now and then.

My name is Loryfell Amejan . a.k.a. “Fel”, an energetic Mechanical Engineer of a huge company here in the Philippines. An aspiring writer but I already declare myself as a “Writer”. I hope no one will oppose to that.

I am married and a father of two beautiful children. They are my inspirations and they bring energy to my passion.

We are living in the Queen City of the south, Cebu, Philippines.

I think that’s for now and please enjoy your stay.

You may start reading some of my posts below.



157 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello Loryfell (or is it just Fel?). I know I haven’t been following your blog for long, but I’ve already noted how versatile it is. You present posts of several different types – from writing and travel, local culture, climate and so many others.The award would definitley suit your type of blog. If you have opted out of awards, please accept my apologies. I haven’t found anything on your blog which says that, but perhaps I just don’t know where to look!
    If you decide to accept, the rules are my post dated January 20th.
    Have a lovely day.

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