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The Cold War

Cold Shower
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It is unusual to feel freezingly cold in a tropical country. And we have different definition of freezingly cold, and it defines below 82ºF. Our place merely experienced extreme cold, and when it happened more people will get sick.

This morning, I woke up in a different mood, different temperature. I feel so cold and it was amazing. Perhaps, it  was 78ºF and it was really cold. I know, people from US, Canada, Russia or Alaska will definitely laugh at me because I felt cold on an 78ºF. You absolutely experienced the worst cold every year in your country. But, for us here, in a tropical place? A 75ºF-82ºF is really cold.

As I woke up today my body chilled a bit and I went to our kitchen to grab a cup of coffee. Then I sat in our dining room. Then a sudden flashed back, my Taiwan days experiences.

For all you know, I worked in Taiwan for more than 6 years. I experienced 50ºF temperature from there and I have a hard time adjusting to that place with that kind of weather. I was not used to a cold environment and it made me sick. Sick because of colds, headache and sometimes my nose bleeds.

A short reminiscing moment.

My first year in Taiwan was a struggle and a lot of adjustment took place. Particularly, the winter. After that year, the place was then natural for me. My body has already adapted to the temperature and the weather. Years passed, I fell in love to the place that is why I survived working in Taiwan for six years.

A lot of things have changed since then. When I returned home, to the Philippines after long years of working there, another adjustment happened. It was winter season when I left Taiwan. My body started to struggle in the sudden change of temperature. I got sick for a week. I was not able to visit my relatives and friends from the time I have arrived. But I have recovered.

Oh!.. It’s almost 5am!

My alarm rang again and reminded me that I still have to go to work.

The Battle begun…

I always take a shower early in the morning before going to work.

I need to take a shower now!, I told my self. But, it was really cold. My wife was still sleeping and I was alone to face the battle.

I have no choice but to take a shower despite of the cold environment.

It took me 10 minutes before I decided to hit the shower. Then I took my shower in a cold running water. We don’t have hot water in our house and it is not necessary at all.

The first drop of the water did not hit me. I won the first round of the battle. Then it run continuously, the rage of the cold water fought so hard. Hitting me several times. I was helpless but to face the fierce strike of the cold water. My body weakens and my spirit broke down.

I shouted like a small child as it hit my body. I boosted my energy to the highest level just to fight the mighty cold water. Then, retreated for awhile. Took my chance and breath. Grabbed the soap and cover my body with bubbles to protect me from the fearless cold water. Then, the battle continued. I fought so hard, yet the constant splashing of the cold water conquered my entire face.

I almost lost hope.

I was so tired and felt hypothermia all over my body. I chilled for about 10 seconds and my eyes gets tired and red. Then the battle continued for another 5 minutes and still the cold water was so strong. I have no choice but to raised the white flag and surrender.

Slowly, the water started to fade as it took the winning glory. I vowed down and took my towel for a graceful exit.

I lost the battle.

I was still proud of myself because I have fought the good fight and I did my very best but it was not good enough.

We may stumble and fall but we shall rise again; it should be enough if we did not run away from the battle.

    ~Mahatma Gandhi~