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Wishing You A Perfect Christmas: From My Family To Yours

Perfect Christmas
Christmas Eve 2013 With My Family

Christmas. It is the most merry and joyous season celebrated by everyone. It is not just a typical holiday season because for me, it is the most wonderful time of the year, as the song goes.

It is the time when you can almost always see smiles on the faces of the people you meet everyday. May it be your neighbor dropping by to say hi, your office mate at work, the cashier in the grocery store, the driver of the cab or even just people walking on the streets of your home. It is when you can see the streets illuminated by different colors because of the the hundreds and thousands of Christmas lights hanging on every house you pass by. It is when you consider the voices of the children singing Christmas carols as music to your ears. Without even noticing a smile is already curled up on your face and you’re singing along.

It is the time when you go to a grocery store and the line at the cashier is as long as the Great Wall of China but it doesn’t bother you anyway just so you can buy your food for Christmas dinner. It is when you can almost always see Santa Claus everywhere you go.  It is when it would take days even weeks just to decorate your Christmas tree and sometimes, it serves as a bonding for some families. It is when you can see almost every door or window of your neighbor has a sock because their children is thinking that Santa Claus is just around the corner and if he finds your sock, he’ll exchange it for a present. It is when everyone gets excited to gather around the Christmas tree to open their gifts and finally know what’s inside.

In the spirit of spreading joy, kindness, beauty and love, may we all find time in doing generous acts this season of Christmas. Maybe you can participate in outreach programs in your local organization or volunteer in a feeding program to those who have less than you do.

No matter how different or similar we celebrate Christmas, at the end of the day, it is the smiles of the people close to our heart that will matter the most. The thought of having your family over dinner is the simplest joy that one can have yet it is the most heart-warming feeling. And of course for Catholics like me, let’s not forget that celebrating this with our God is the main event of this occasion.

Since Christmas is fast approaching, let me ask you.

How do you spend your Christmas?

Enjoy the Holiday season everyone!