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7 Days in The Hospital

Thank You So Much From Lawrence John..

Our life is not as joyous as we expected. Even though we gave all our very best to make our family as perfect as we wish, as happy as we planned and as exciting as our first born child.

We, parent gave our entire human being just to have a wonderful family and to protect our children from all kinds of harm.

Yet, we failed. We failed in the sense that we do not hold force of the universe . The power of nature is so unpredictable and we, the heads and the lights of the family have no control to whatever circumstances that the nature provides.

My son got sick for more than a week. As a father I did all the necessary just to comfort my son. For the past few days, my heart melted as I look into my son’s condition.

I felt the pains every time the needle punctured the soft skin of my son and it was not only once but six times.

I can see the fear of my son’s eyes every time the door sounded and opens.

huh! So difficult for a father who has a sick child.


Today, we are all happy because the battle has ended.

My son got better and I am so happy.

The doctor told us the good news. My son is no longer sick and we can go home then.

I am so thankful to all my friends and readers on this blog. Your prayers did a big help for the recovery of my son and I can not repay you more but…to say Thank you so much.

I am so glad that I am a part of this wonderful community, a golden hearted people and caring.

Thank You and God Bless You All!