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I Am Worried About My Son..

Praying Under The Rain
LJ Playing and Praying In The Rain

Yes, he was so happy playing in the rain. And He loved it! He always asked me to go out when it rains.

My son is so cheerful and full of energy.

Not until….

I just wanted to write as my feeling drifted me.

My feeling is to low and my inspirations seems too shallow.

Everything was empty.


A month ago my son was having a severe cough for almost two weeks. Prior to that, we already went to his doctor and his cough was treated. After a week of his treatment, his cough don’t show a sign of stopping. Then, we went back again to his doctor. His doctor gave him another set of antibiotic for another week. Week passed, still the same and I started to worried.

Then, I decide to bring him to an emergency department in the hospital. A series of laboratories and check ups was made. The finding of his x-ray shocked me. The doctor said, that my son might have a lung disease, the contagious one. I don’t want to mention it because it hurts me., as a father.

The result of his x-ray, it noted that my son is having a pneumonia. I was relieve I thought it was something else.

As a result, my son was treated again for another week, but now for two kinds of antibiotics. I was so sad for my son but, they are the expert so I have to follow them.

Again week passed, I was happy that my son showed improvement. we went to his doctor for a final check up. And yes! my son now is totally healed.

We were so glad that my son is now ready to play again together with his friends.

A week ago, they had a boy scout activities.

He played a lot on that day, running there, everywhere..

During the activities I noticed that my son started coughing. I did not mind it, I thought to myself that it might be the dust that caused the coughing.

After that day, in our house, he was still coughing and I felt bad. So, I let him drunk plenty of water. Night went by, he got fever and I worried again. The next day I observed that he was a bit okay. So, I skip the doctor part.

Few days passed still he was coughing. I just gave him water therapy for few days until I decided again to see a doctor.

Yesterday, we went to his doctor for his check up. I was glad that my son’s lungs is clear. The doctor said he just need more water and if he cough again give him an antihistamine.

But I asked his doctor to have a skin test for his allergy and a mantoux ppd test. I just wanted to make sure he is okay and perfectly healthy.

The doctor gave us recommendation for the test. We went to two different hospitals for the test but unluckily it was not available. They said I have to go back on the next day.

We did not get the ppd test and still I am doubt.

As of this writing, my mind is not at peace.

I hope my son is perfectly okay. I hope and Pray for his good health.

I think I am done telling what I feel.

If you have any suggestions please feel free to drop a comment below. Let me hear your opinion