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5 Things You Should Know About Backyard Gardening


It was the dream of my wife to have a garden. We talk a lot about gardening and she has  a lot of ideas. I just listened to her then amazed me.

Before, we used to live with her mother’s house. She  loves to live with her mother and I respected her decision. So, we stayed there for quite a while.

In her mother’s house, they don’t have a backyard and it was small for a two families. We decided to move and look for a house for us to start.

Then we’ve found one. It is 20km away from her mother and I think it is good to start for us.

The house was  nice though it is not that ideal but at least we can start of our own. It has a lot of fixing, from the ceiling, kitchen, terrace, water line and more.

We’ve done fixing everything and here we are!

My wife was happy!

You want to know why?

It has a backyard for GARDENING!

Yes! My wife Shouted.

Then it all  begun.

The Garden Of Joan (My Wife)

The backyard was just enough for a simple garden. Enough to have a single Jack fruit tree (Was already there by the time we moved), a space to plant veggies, herbs and some other plants.

Then she started cultivating the ground and divided into areas she wanted. Then she planted plenty of plants and veggies.

Excitement was the description by the time you saw her early in the morning. Always excited to check her cute and beautiful garden.

Joan’s Plant Pictures 

Lemon Grass
Lemon Grass
Swamp Cabbage or River Spinach,
Swamp Cabbage or River Spinach,
Butterfly Coleus Some or Joseph's Coat or Painted Nettle
Butterfly Coleus Some or Joseph’s Coat or Painted Nettle
Chili Pepper
Chili Pepper














Jack Fruit Tree
Jack Fruit Tree
Jack Fruit Tree
Jack Fruit Tree








Those were some of her plants and vegetables in our backyard.

Sometimes our eldest son helped her watering and cultivating them.

Days passed by.

They grew so fast and my wife was so happy. We can now see the “fruit of her labor”… as famous quote say.

I realized that it has a lot of advantages having a garden in our backyard.

Advantages of having backyard Garden:

1. It Remove Stress

My wife’s daily routine as a plain housewife is so stressful. Having a garden, helped her released stress by diverting small problems into a productive one. I believed, plants help a person to have a peace of mind. The plant releases positive energy while the people who took care of the plants absorbs it.

Your mind relaxes, most especially when you saw them grow faster. It will keep you smiling by the time you are in your garden.

2. Good Exercise

Taking care of various plants is a good exercise because you are moving your muscles, body, mind ..almost every physical aspect you have. Cultivating will make you perspire and it is the same as performing a jogging.

3. Improve Your Creativity

Cultivating and watering your plants helped unleashed the artistic in you. Moving and arranging some of your plants is an act of art and creativity. Making them good to watch is a designer in action. Basically, your designing ability developed unconsciously.

4. Strengthen Family Bonding

My son always play games on the internet and I am really worried. He is just 7 years old yet he knew a lot from the internet. Sometimes its hard to ask him to do something because I cannot interrupt him while playing. Most of the time, it’s the cause of our argument because he don’t like being bothered.

Thanks to the Garden Of Joan!

My wife encourages our son to help her in the garden. Luckily,  he love it and I am so happy for it. He enjoy watering the plants and cultivating it together with his mom. I witnessed the true bonding between mother and son.

After my work, I helped my wife in her garden together with our son. We enjoyed planting and making some arrangement in our garden and we really have a quality time as a family.

5. Free Food To Eat

Yes! You heard me right!

I will show you some:

River Spinach Delicacy
River Spinach Delicacy
(Adobong Kangkong In Filipino)

Adobong Kangkong is one of the famous delicacy in the Philippines and it is really delicious. Adobo means cooking it together with soy sauce, garlic, unions, vinegar and small cubes of pork meat. Don’t you worry I  will make a simple post about the ” Adobo”.

Wild Spinach
Basella Adobo

The procedure of cooking this one is the same with the adobong kangkong. Again soon I will be posting detail cooking procedure about it.

Now, those were some of the food you are going to have if you have a backyard garden.

I did not include the okra madness that my wife love most. Perhaps I will include it in my separate post.

Having those healthy foods are just some of the benefits you will get if you have a garden in your backyard.

Now if you have a backyard that suit for panting with different vegetables, flowers or any other plants then you should start now. You won’t regret it. Time will come you will enjoy your new-found hobby.

It is also a kind of hobby that will give you more friends. You will realize later that some of your friends or neighbors also love gardening.

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