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My Most Destructive Fears And Doubts As A Writer (#002)

Face Your Fears and Doubts, and New Worlds Will Open to You.

                                        ~Robert Kiyosaki~

fears and doubts I’ve read a lot of articles and books about conquering your fears and doubts as a writer. Some of those suggested thoughts struck me hard in the head because I experienced it.

If you haven’t read about me then, you may visit my about page . You will learn from there why it took me more than 10 years before I write again. I was unaware that I have a lot of fears and doubts.

Writers have its own fears and doubts and most of them are common.

Below were my destructive fears and doubts I encountered. It took me so long to discover those.

Here it is!

#1 Fear Of Being Ridiculed

My present job was far from my passion. I am an Engineer. To claim as writer is a big laugh to my colleagues. They know that an engineer only write a direct to the point reports and are not particular in grammar.

It really hold me long enough until it reached 10 years before I decided to face my fear.

I’ve learned that through my knowledge and passion to write will lead me to  overcome fear. Not knowing that it is an additional weapon for me to deal criticism. It is also an advantage for me because I know how to write and they don’t.

Now I am very confident to say that I write and I am writer!

#2 Doubt If I Can Connect To My Reader

I love to write so much but I still have this doubt if I can connect to my reader. Connecting to an audience is really a big challenge for me and I should have to work so hard for it. That was I thought. before.

Today I don’t have this doubt because I know that I write from the bottom of my heart. I learned that to connect to my reader, I will act as if I am their best friends.

Talking to your closed friend enable you to express everything you have because you know that they will listen to you. And that is the key to writing smoothly and effectively.

#3 Doubt If I Have Time To Write

Most of the time I am very busy. I have a lot of paper works in my office and  in my small businesses. In my thought, I don’t have time to write anymore. But, night after my busy day I still have this thought of writing. I can hear the voice at the back of my mind calling me to do something about it. It is just an imagination; I said to myself.

Time came that I was so down and lonely. I don’t know what was wrong with me. I have my wonderful family and friends, still something is missing.

On that emptiness moment, I took a pen and scheduler notebook. Then without knowing, I started writing my emotion and thoughts ( To this writing I was looking for that scheduler of mine to find out what I wrote. Unlucky, I don’t find it. ).

I came to realize that we all have the time in the world if we want to follow our dream or passion.

Today, I made a schedule to What time I am going to write. Everything is on planned now.

Time is not a problem if you have this writing passion. Just take 20 or 30 minute of your time and write.

It is always a matter of planing.

#4 Fear To Lose My Job

To be honest, It is the one holding me why I did not prioritize my writing passion. I am afraid of losing my job and may not able to feed my family. Why? Once I started writing, huge of my time will consumed.

As of this writing, I am in my office. but I don not encourage you to do it. It is wrong taking some part of your time at work doing other thing. But, I just can’t help but to write. But, I am doing it after nothing else to do.

I already conquer this one because I decided to leave my job  early next year because I want to do it full-time. Your should watch for it! In my opinion you can commit to your passion by doing some serious planning. You should plan when to write and what is the best time for you to write. Make a plan and you should start now!

 #5 The Fear Not Be Heard

There are thousands of writers all through out the internet and chances be heard is so slim. I am afraid that my time and work will be wasted. Creating a piece of work need a valuable time and effort. So, not be heard is painful.

Thanks to all my online mentor. They thought me a lot about conquering this feeling not to be heard. What really matters now is the passion and dedication I have. I did it because I love it.

I made a goal to be more efficient writer. This is one of my goals why I decided to continue writing. I know someday, my voice will be as loud as the trumpet.

It takes a lot of patience to be a writer.

Not be heard? It is not my priority now.

I just keep my thoughts and ideas coming because that is all about.

We have different doubts and fears as a writer. Let us hear yours by commenting below for us to learn from your experiences.