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I Am A Writer!

WHO CARES?Certainly! I am a writer!

That is what I claim to myself.

How about you? Do you claim that you are a writer? Scared to claim it?

Me? Hell no! I am not scared to claim that I am a writer. I am proud for it. I don’t care if they will believe me or not. As long as I write anything under the sun. I will be calling myself a “Writer”.

When I was young, I started writing poem and short stories. I remember long time ago that I really love the stories of ” Arabian Nights”. I rally enjoy reading the story. I also remember that I made my own ending to one of the story.

I wrote a lot of poems during my high school years, but the problem was nobody knows that I wrote poems. William Shakespeare was my favorite poet and I really love to be like him. I love old English language and I always using old English before.

There you have it. Telling you my passion in writing.

Now that you already know that I wrote a lot. So I think it is now a just to claim that I am a writer.

And also I remember that I wrote a song and I even put chords to it. I feel fulfilled after making that song.

Long time ago..

In  our English subject, our teacher gave us  an assignment about writing an essay telling about our selves. I was so excited then, I did my assignment immediately after the class and finished it in no time.  On the next day our teacher took our work and read it. She was so happy that my work was so nice and long compare to my other classmates.

Still need some proof that I am a writer?

  • One quality of a writer is a vocabulary addict. Again, I remember that my father told me to memorize at least one word of the dictionary and its meaning. He said do it daily. One at a time. now I realize that my father trained me as a writer but i did not know it. to be honest, I did it for more than a year and I’ve learned a lot.
  • Another quality of a writer is an observant to his environment. Again long time ago, I love watching my friends doing something and making a story out of it in my mind. I also love setting alone in the middle of our garden and peacefully appreciating the nature that God gave us.
  • Creative. It is another quality of a writer that made them known. The best that I remember, this one was when I wrote a love letter to my crush. I also remember that my love letter was a three pages and I know that my crush love reading it. It was really a long one for a love letter. Really worth remembering.
  • A great story-teller. I always love to tell stories to my classmates and friend.. I remember me and my best friend, we talk a lot every day and he love everything I said because we always went to sleep very late every night or even slept early dawn.

I think it is more than enough to prove why I called myself a writer.

For me the basis of being called a writer is not how many books he wrote, how many short stories he/she published. It is how often you write and how happy are you doing it. Now that’s a writer!

Love to write and actually doing writing is already enough to be called a writer.

So what’s your story?

Write it down.