9 Writing Tips When You Get Stuck In The Middle Of Your Story

Writing FrustrationsYou started it right.

At start it feels like heaven and thought that no one can stop you now.

Then in the middle of your story you suddenly get stuck.

You feel that the mud is holding you from going. You wish somebody sees you and pull you up from the thick mud that been sticking to your feet. Or you are hoping  for a flush of water that will drift you out from your nightmare.

You are stuck in the middle of your story!

What should you do?

A month ago I was writing about my “Writing Frustrations” and a lot of writers have given their ideas on how to deal with it. I used some of their ideas and it really works. So I decided to create a tips base on the  responses of my previous post. It helped me and I believe it will help you too.

Here are their Tips.

Lets do it!

1.) momiroskijournal

I think it is important to differentiate between two important processes that serve different functions in the writing process. The first is the initial inspiration and the second is the drafting stage. Most people utilize the first one, and then they feel frustrated when that first drive dries up. I personally find the second process to be superior to the first because it allows a critical distance to be established that enriches a person’s writing in the long run..

Now for a few, the initial inspiration to put it on paper is so strong and their writing skill-set so tuned that everything they put down is excellent.

For the rest of us, ordinary writers, that level of sophistication can be reached through drafting.

Myself, I push myself past the initial inspiration and try to get to the end of an idea as quickly as possible. Then, when I come back to the work, because the writing is “out there” (no longer part of me) I can approach it critically through drafting.

It is amazing the level of sophistication this process can lead to as connections you never conceived in the first stage now come into view.

2.) Soul Writer

What I like to do when I get frustrated is just walk away. When something seems so difficult, it only means one thing – there’s an easier way that you just may not see at the time. I have found that music is also a great solution. When I am down, I like to turn on a song that speaks to my soul. You should try even picking a song for your muse. That way when you get frustrated, you can turn on that song to get back into the flow of things.

3.) Time Is No Enemy

I created a storyboard for my novel when things started becoming incredibly confusing. I needed to see it all laid out in front of me. Very helpful and it is on a bulletin board above my bed so I’m forced to see it everyday

4.) Fiona

The best way, I find, to deal with this, is to go and do something else. That lets your sub-conscious mull over things and you come back what ever you’re writing somewhat refreshed.

5.) Monika

I’ve recently discovered that it’s easier to write when I do my research and get necessary information the night before.

6.) wonderfulmayven

I leave writing behind for a few minutes and do other things. Then, I go back to writing.

7.) celtics345

For me I usually need to take a mental break or a few days off.

8.) Couple’s Chronicle

Still planning and creating lay out are my best choice. By the time I get stuck, I will go over my lay out then it will lead me back to my topic.

9.) Mommy Jo, Blogs

I’ll have some break, I’ll take a walk and go back after a few minutes, sometimes hours or even longer. What is important is the quality of the ideas I’ve been giving to my readers.

Their you have it!

Some of you might have more ideas to share with. Please fill the comment and share with us to make our writing more comfortable and flowing.

Thank you so much for your replies.


10 thoughts on “9 Writing Tips When You Get Stuck In The Middle Of Your Story”

  1. Lots of folks just walk away for awhile, don’t they… I got so bogged down in my edit at the end of November that I put it up till January. Haven’t gotten it back out yet. Hm… Wonder what that means? Nice blog.

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  2. Nice post, I’ll check this post from time to time 🙂

    When I am stuck in the mud, I walk away and do something else until the inspiration come back — the more I force myself the more I sink in frustration unless I am doing report that I have to dig myself out and keep on pounding the keys LOL

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  3. The first inspiration is what usually pushes me. Its so strong that it gets me right to the end. However, when I’m stuck, I just stop. I usually come back sometime later and go over it critically. Usually I’m so critical I end up binning the post.


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