2 thoughts on “Jesus loves you…so I don’t have to”

  1. These kind of stories always get my ire too. Really. He forgot his son? But what astounds me is this? All day, did no one see a child alone in a car and go to investigate? No one? Where did he park that it was so isolated that one would have seen the child crying? Where was the mother that she didn’t check in on him to find out how her son was doing, and that he was doing the right things like changing or feeding him. All day? And the world did not notice a little kid dying? That’s incredible. Unless he’s under drugs this is simply not possible. Give me a rationale answer, one that make sense. Otherwise it’s all going to seem contrived to me. Some parents want to get rid of their kids it looks like! God, poor kid. No one deserves to die like that. Not a baby.*Heart-broken*


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