The Act Of Kindness

Thank You So Much!
Thank You So Much!

I felt like being isolated for years after a week of vacation with my family. No blogging and no writing for three days and I felt like I was psychologically choked. I know that writing is a part of my life but I have to pay a little sacrifice for the sake of my family.

I have a lot to write and a lot to thank with.

But first I would thank all of you who follow our blog and spent time to read some of our posts. We really appreciated it much!

Year 2014 gave us huge opportunities for sharing with others.

For the entire year, me and my wife have been giving away some material needs and cash to the less fortunate people that we believed were worth giving. We are the kind of couple who easily breaks our hearts when we see helpless individuals and was deprived from the basic needs in life. I can not enumerate how much and how many we’ve shared. What is important was, we made them happy even just for a while.

We are not rich couple but we are not struggling as well. We live the way we wanted to and have enough for our family.

Although we only have enough for our family, we still set aside something for somebody who really needs our help.

We thank those individuals who shared their blessings through us. You really gave huge  contribution to our world.

Thank you so much and we hope you guys won’t stop from helping others too.

More power and God bless.

Couple’s Chronicle

Joan and Fel


26 thoughts on “The Act Of Kindness”

  1. Keep on doing what you do! The best we can possibly hope for on this earth is to make someone else’s life slightly more beautiful or easy or worthwhile.

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  2. What a TRULY amazing example of good in the world. We hear so much about the negative aspect of life so it’d completely refreshing to hear of truly self-less people doing good deeds out of the kindness of their hearts. Both of you are truly inspiring. Thanks for all that you do!! 💕

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  3. There is no better feeling in the world than to lay down your life (though not literally) and belongings and time for other people. It is a special blessing only those who do so whole-heartedly feel. May your hearts be full of that special blessing this year.

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  4. Thank for stopping by and for the follow! I haven’t read all ur posts yet just the recent one on kindness and I am glad to find fellow bloggers who believe in goodness and charity.. I give away stuff/money and time to different causes but mostly focused on abused women and children.. I love giving back .. Currently I am helping a homeless family get back on their feet and have been taking them out on a few occasions to nice places so they can get away, from the despair of living in a bad neighborhood, just for a little while 🙂 Glad you found my blog.. Would love to come back and read ur blog again! God bless!

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  5. Helping others give meaning to your life. You have a purpose in your life and it is an excellent way of living a life.

    I can understand your feeling of isolation. I haven’t written anything for sometime and I can understand this feeling of loneliness:)


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  6. Thanks for following my blog. My intention is to have everyone see they are parts of solutions for a better world so I certainly look forward to more posts like this one. Kindness doubles. It helps the one who received it but more the person that did it.

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