A True God’s Warrior

My Beloved Parents
My Father, P/CInsp Filemon Amejan And My Mother Lorna

I idolized my father since I was young. He was a kind of person that every woman desires.

He was a Police Captain and a God’s Soldier.

Way Back…..As A Younger Boy

Out of 13 siblings, my father was the third to the eldest but, the smartest of them all. Their parents were Abondio and Dioscora. Both their parents did not finish grade school ending up working to survive. His father work as coconut wine collector (Manunuba in Bisaya) while his mother work as a “Nipa”( Use for roofing best know as Nipa Hut) maker. Their income was only enough to buy a kilo of rice and they don’t even mind for some viands. I remembered when I went to vacation in my father’s place during my elementary years, we used to eat rice mixed with sweet potato or cassava. Those mixed roof crafts were our viands. That shown how hard they live a very long time ago.

My father used to work as a house boy in one of the wealthy family in their town. He cleaned the housed, watering the plants and a lot more. He did not experienced much as a younger kid before. He was exposed to working for few cents at his early age. He got his allowances for school  by working as a helper.

He only have one pair of pants for the entire elementary years. But, he managed to graduate. Sometimes his mother do not let him to go to school just to help her making nipa and selling it. For them to have food, him and few other brothers went to the seashore to get some sea shells and small crabs.

Since elementary, my father was a consistent top of the class. He always got the first honor on his elementary days.

His High-school Days

During his high school days he became a school leader. He still maintained being the top honor student of his class.

He believed that through education, all his dream will come true. That is why he dedicated his entire life to be educated.

Let’s make the long story short, He graduated top of the class on his high school education.

His parents were so happy that he graduated. But, because of poverty, college was only a dream.

Not until…

The Adventure

Because of his determination to achieve his goal, he leave his parents and went to Cebu.

Bringing nothing except some few of his clothes, risk his future and let Cebu do the rest.

He looked for a job and finally got one. He was hired as a house helper of a Military Colonel. he work their so hard and keeping some of his earning just to prepare for his college tuition.


Their was this beautiful young woman, a nephew of his employer caught his eye. the young woman was there for a vacation for a few months.

To shorten the story, he got feel in love and won her heart. It was not long enough, the woman got pregnant and the Colonel got really mad.

It was his fist time to see a gun pointing on his head. You have to marry her! The colonel said to him. No choice but to marry her, was his thought then.

They continued live in the house of the Colonel for few months.

Blessings In Disguise

The Colonel endorsed him to his fellow officers to let him take the military exam. Luckily he became a military man, a Philippine Constabulary Soldier. By then, his dream started to realized. He enrolled to college and graduated with a degree of AB English.

Many years passed, Philippines Constabulary was merged to Philippine National Police. Then, he became Philippine National Police.

He was blessed with 6 beautiful children and been happily married.

All his entire career, he was so loyal and so honest to his job. He worked so hard for his family just to have a good education. He even made a lot of salary loans just to support his family. His life was not so easy. He was financially broke because the salary of a Police officers could not support a huge family. But still he never gave up and look for another source of income, legally.

The Day Of God’s Calling

If I am not mistaken, it was year 1991, God call him to be his soldier. A soldier for Christ. He was then became a Couple’s For Christ member.

Since he was a child, he was so religious and a God-fearing person.

He took it seriously and dedicated his entire life to God while servicing the people. He even woke up early in the morning to pray and then go to the house of his fellow police officers asking them to join him.

He met a lot of rejection while introducing Christ. Those rejection was not a reason to give up. He even maximized his effort to reach as many souls as he could. He wanted to touch the heart of many.

He faced his struggles and trials in life and continued to be strong. He showed good example to everyone and telling them to good to others.

He became a Chapter Head of mostly police couples. Trained them to be a good Christian and as an individual.

For almost 19 years, he served as a Couple’s For Christ, as a Warrior Of Christ. He taught his children good values and to be a God Fearing children. He did not filled to his mission, to serve God and to spread good news about God.

He Entered The Kingdom Of Heaven

On August 8, 2010 he finally met his creator and rewarded him for his goodness. At the age of 59, he was diagnosed with a deadly disease, cancer of the liver. Week after the diagnosed, he peacefully rested.

All his colleagues, brothers and sisters of Christ, missed his goodness and as a true leader of God. He never let any single instances showing a sign of giving up. He was so strong that even his children witnessed it.

As his son, I witnessed how he suffer so much but we don’t hear any complain from him. He was really a Hero and A Saint.

I am happy now that he was with our creator and I know He was happy too.

I am so blessed that I have a great father and I know you too.

If you want to share the greatness of your father, please comment below and tell us the story of your father.


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