Typhoon Queenie Hit Our Town

I was in the middle of my dream all of a sudden a huge bumping sound hit our roof.

It was 4am and I got up. Checking what was that sound I heard a while ago. Then I realized that a typhoon is coming. I never went back to sleep then. I kept vigilant to our surroundings. Watching as the trees struggled against the wind. Then I looked up in the dark angry sky hoping the storm to settle down.

Wake Up Call
Taken In Front Of Our House At The Time Of The Storm Queenie.(Taken A While Ago)

But the storm kept on showing its mighty force creating whistling sound telling us to stand down.

I could not do anything except checking our house for any leaks and damages.

Everything was okay.

I went inside our house and grab a cup of coffee then sat on my chair at the terrace.

Still nothing change. The storm was still making noise.

2 hours later, I went outside, then grab my motorcycle and hit the road. I went to a nearby shore and took video to the sea while the wind wrestled against the sea.

I witnessed how strong the storm was as I took the video.

My Video : Typhoon Queenie

The storm prevented me from going to work. So, I am here sitting in front of my computer and started blogging about the storm.

More Video Along Shore Line

I have to end this post for a moment and I will keep you posted.

Hit like and comment if you have experience about the storm. Or you may give insight or tips on how to be prepared when storm comes.


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