Closed Window For Decade, Opens (#001)

windowSomething woke me up!

It was in the middle of the summer night and I could not go back to sleep. Everyone was still in a deep slumber.

I was near the window looking straight at the peaceful sky waiting for the sun to smile.

I just woke up from a dream that I don’t remember what it was. I kept on thinking yet my mind won’t give any clue.

I went down from my bed, then drunk a glass of water and made a three huge gulp! Ahhh!! It was a relieved.

At my back was our dining room that could accommodate 40 persons to dine. But, we were just 34 students as far as I can remember.

Way back 1989 I went to an exclusive high school for the poor founded by an American priest, Fr. Aloysius Philip Schwartz. I stayed there for four years and they molded me into a good Christian.

Our dining room has four long tables that formed into a rectangular shape and was surrounded by four long wooden benches and another four wooden benches inside the rectangular formed tables.

It was dark. But not totally dark because six big windows were open plus the moon was shining bright. Then, I grabbed one bench and sat for a while. My mind started to fly. Then, started thinking and thinking and thinking.

I just could not help myself but keep on thinking. The problem was I don’t know what I was thinking.

All of a sudden words started to occupy my thoughts and it kept coming.

I was so excited. Then, I look around looking for something like, pen and paper. I remembered that I have an extra notebook and I took it out from my bag. By the time I took my notebook, I kind of froze and started staring at it and took a deep breath!

It was a long exciting night.

I slowly open my notebook and I withdrew my pen, then set out to write the ideas that came out in my head.

Then I kept on writing while I was looking at the window. The window supplies me with wonderful words and ideas. I was not aware that it was already dawn yet, I was still awake.

But, still I continue writing.

From that on, I was able to create the habit of writing before going to sleep.

And It lasted for almost a year.

After that, I finished my high school education and continued my education outside the institution.

It certainly develops my writing activity and scheduling, but I am not sure if I did the right way.

After so many years my writing habit stopped.

I still have the passion to write but as they say “writer’s block” overpower me.

A few years back, I created a blog and started to write, but I was not consistent ending to abandon those blogs.

I was not inspired then. I have a hard time to get my rhythm to continue writing no until I found Jon Morrow, Leo Babauta, Brian Clark, Jeff Goins, Steve Pablina, and many more.

Those extraordinary personalities molded my mind and pushed me to write again passionately.

Without them I can not take writing seriously.

They helped me open the window that has been shut down for more than a decade.

A lot of you out there are still waiting for the right moment and the right time to unleash your writing skills. As the writer experts say, it will never happen.

I believe them. Why? It took me a decade to realize that I have to pursue my writing passion.

I hope this will help you guys to realize that time really matters.

Do it now and it feels really good!


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